Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 Goals

Taking a page from the playbook of one of my oldest and best friends, Jason Becker, and creating a yearly goals list. He comprises his list in an easy and concise manner, 3 topics - Relationships/ Physical/ and Career (he words them different) with 3 bullets to each topic. Here are mine:

I    -  Relationships
         A. Join networking group
         B. Nurture old friendships
         C. Meet other Dad's

II   -  Physical
         A. Swim 5 days per week
         B. Run or Walk Abe every day
         C. Get down to and maintain a weight of 180 lbs. (208 at the start)

III  -  Career
         A. Open 2 new large accounts
         B. Work 2 days with each salesman
         C. $720,000 in 2012 sales

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